▽ Fenmyth ▽

▽ About ▽

I'm an agender fantasy artist from the great lakes area!
Currently, I'm working towards doing concept art and selling prints of my art and photography in the future. My current end goal is to be able to live completely off of art, and buy/renovate some sort of vehicle to live out of.

▽ Contact ▽

To contact me, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord work best!

[email protected]
Discord: Fen#1951
If I don't already have you added on discord, please let me know that it's about commissions! Otherwise I may not reply

Commission prices

Commissions are currently closed!

When it says commissions are open, commission types marked with an ✖ are still closed

By commissioning me, you automatically agree to adhere to and respect my TOS
When ordering a commission, please be sure to fill out the corresponding form. These can be found in the forms tab.

Payment is in PayPal or square invoices (USD) or DA points. 100pts=$1

Extra characters: base price is +100% of the no background cost, price will fluctuate with design complexity.



Complexity fee: price varies

Comes with simple shading


Complexity fee: price varies

Monochrome Sketch
A tri-value sketch of your character, chosen color is based around their palette
-Works better for simple characters, complex markings may be simplified

✖ Normal Shading

✖ Fancy Shading

Outdated example


Simplified fullbody of a character in a cuter style. Comes with simple shading. Chibis are experimental and may vary!


Complexity fee: price varies

✖ Full Scenes

Price includes cell shaded character and painted background. Price will fluctuate on character design, shading style, and background settings. More complex- higher prices

Quick render
Bust- $40
Fullbody- $80

-Blocky rendering, rougher texture

Normal detail
Bust- $60
Fullbody- $100

More detail oriented, more rendering on textures

Complex detail
Bust- $80
Fullbody- $140

-Fully rendered details, to the best of my abilities

Custom Designs

Includes one standing side view + any details I feel may be necessary.
Price will go up with complexity, and will be quoted after prompts and descriptions are sent

PLEASE NOTE Chibi designs are just here as examples, and are not an actual commission type. Any design you get will not be a chibi

$50 flat

Surprise customs come fully lined, I have full artistic freedom. Just give me some favorite species, and list a wide variety of aesthetics you like! This will help give me ideas. There are no check ins, I send them once they're done.

-Little to no communication required

✖ Semi-Custom
Starts at $60

For limited prompts and vague descriptions

I have some artistic freedom. I will send a concept sketch for approval, and a second wip once they have colors for a final approval.

-Requires less communication

✖ Full Custom
Starts at $80

For in depth and specific descriptions and prompts.

I'll send multiple wips for check in at each stage, and will include multiple concepts.

-Requires active, responsive communication

Please note- shading is not available for any of the reference sheet types

✖ Reference Sheets

Starts at $70

Comes with:
Side view (second view optional, will cost extra if moderate edits are needed)Mouth details/colors + wing view (if applicable)Design notes, paletteAccessories (if applicable)Name, basic info (age or birthday, height, pronouns. Can add flags if requested)Basic bio
-Requires active, responsive communication

Pricing will vary greatly. Extra fees include:
Design complexityA redesign fee of +25-50% the base price, if you would like to make moderate changes from their past design. Percentage will be determined by how much you'd like changed (simplifying characters will cost less on average)Symmetrical headshot +$10Eye and paw view +$3

Must be of a full, already existing design. If you would like me to design the character and create a ref, that would be a custom sheet commission (see below).

Custom Sheets

Starts at $100

Similar to full customs, this is for extra in depth details, descriptions, and design prompts.

I'll send multiple wips for check in at each stage, and will include multiple concepts.

-Requires active, responsive communication

Comes with:

Two side views, can be one with and one w/o accessories, or just to show different patternsSymmetrical headshotEye, paw, mouth, wing details (where applicable). May add more as neededAccessories (where applicable)Color palette, name, basic info (age, height, pronouns. Can add flags if requested)Basic bio

Species Sheets

Starts at $200

A sheet showcasing your original species.

I'll send multiple wips for check in at each stage, and will include multiple concepts.

-Requires active, responsive communication

Comes with:

A side viewTwo headshots together, showing different variationsA mini scene showcasing the environment they live in. May also include the species doing something it might do in said environmentMultiple info boxes- Please provide either text for the boxes, or info you would like includedFooter at the bottom, can ask to be removed

Terms of service

▽ Section I. Preferences ▽

Can DrawSome Experience DrawingWill Not Draw
dragonsother mammalshumans/humanoids
catshighly complex charactersmy little pony and sonic ocs
dogsdinosaursextreme gore
some birdslong hair/manecityscapes & building interior
mythical creaturesmost other animalsfetishes & sexual/suggestive themes
most pokemondeermech stuff
mild goreflat faced creaturesanything controversial or politcal
natural backgroundsanthroscanon characters
owlsclothingrealism or other artist's art styles
.alienshabitat wings

I will not draw designs made by any people on my blacklist. If you'd like to see the full blacklist and greylist, please ask me via DMs. A public blacklist can be found here

Exceptions to the chart above:
I can draw neutral poses for anthros, but anthros as a whole are not a strong point. They will be priced higher than feral characters, regardless of design complexity

Drug use constitutes as controversial, and as such I will not draw it

Canon characters means characters that appear in the story/game/movie, not your fan made WoF character. Fan characters can be drawn

Can DesignMinimal ExperienceWill Not Design
dragonsother mammalshumans/humanoids
catsdinosaursWings of Fire dragons
alien creaturesbirdsclashing neon characters
monstersPokemonfandom characters (excludes Warriors and Pokemon)
mythical creaturespastel colorsanthros
.bright colorsmech/robots. Mech limbs can be discussed

▽ Section II. General ▽

I. Important Notice
You must have a reference sheet or flat colored fullbody of your character already finished if you plan on commissioning me. Please make sure the image has easy to pick colors as well, I will not take low res pictures with indistinguishable colors/details. I won't wait for an image to be finished, so if you don't have one I will not hold a slot for you.
II. Deadlines And Turnaround
I will not accept commissions with a deadline shorter than a month, and may require more time for large commissions. Turnaround time will vary greatly on the amount of commissions, my other job, and complexity of your commissions. Turnaround time varies between a couple days and upwards of a month or two to complete. Smaller commissions and occasionally small personal pieces are done in between breaks of the larger ones, to not burn myself out. Please keep in mind that these times are from my average speeds, and that very large commissions could take twice the time.
III. WIPS And Updates
I will send you a sketch for approval before continuing, and I will not continue to work on it until after you've responded/approved. If you’d like updates for specific stages, please specify. I will also make sure to update you on anything slowing commission progress. Please do not ask me to give updates every other day; that only stresses me out, and may cause your commission to lower in quality. Generally speaking, I will give updates when I make significant progress, often after the flat colors, basic shading, and during the background stages (if applicable).
IV. Cancellations
I reserve the right to cancel and refund your commission at any time. Refunds will be given based on completion of work, and files of the incomplete image will be sent. I will not refund work that is nearly complete.

▽ Section III. Payments ▽

I. Making Payments
All payments must be made upfront and in full before I begin your commission.
II. Payment Methods
I take payment via PayPal invoice, and DeviantArt points. If paying with PayPal, please add your PayPal email to your commission form. If you are paying with points, please wait to send them until I tell you how I’d like them sent. My prices are in USD, 100 points=$1.
III. Payment Plans
Commissions equal to or exceeding $80 have a payment plan option. Please message me if you’d like to discuss payment plans for under that price. Full payment must be paid off within 6 weeks. I will only start once the first payment is made, and will not finish until it is paid off in full.
IV. Edits And Redos
Any changes during the sketch phase are free. After that, the first 5 small changes are free; any after that will have a fee. All larger changes will have a fee. Price will depend on how large the change is, as well as how finished your commission is, but can be up to 75% of the original price. Any mistakes made to your characters design by me are changed for free. Once past the sketch phase, under no circumstances will I redo 100% of the commission.

▽ Section IV. Copyright ▽

I. Usage Rights
The commissioned item is not for commercial use unless we’ve agreed upon otherwise. You are not permitted to sell products with the commissioned piece. This is the same for any art you've gotten from me through any sort of trade.
II. Intellectual Property
The art and designs I create are still within my ownership, and as such I should be credited when uploading elsewhere. If uploading to ToyHou.se Instagram, please credit me there (@fenmyth). I reserve the right to use your commission for commission examples and portfolio work, as well as sharing it to my social media sites. If you do not want your commission publicly shared, please let me know.

▽ Section V. Designs ▽

After buying a design from me, you:

CanAsk AboutCan Not
Use it as a sona and/or mascotReposting the original art of themClaim the design as yours
Use it in comics/stories/etcMaking them an original speciesSell for a higher price if there's no extra commissioned art, or make them a species to sell
Re design itIf reselling a design, please @ me, there's a chance I may buy them back!Use them to spread harmful ideologies or to suppress minorities
Re-sell for an equal or lower price to what you paid (unless you bought extra art).Sell/trade/gift them to anyone on my blacklist (tba). This will get you permanently blacklisted
Change any info I might have given to them.Use my art for their merch
Make merch of them, for sale and personal use.Edit my original art

Please credit me the first time you draw them! You're welcome to directly tag me, I'd love to see what you do with the design

▽ Forms ▽

If you'd like a quote first, please contact me! Quotes are always open

These are not fcfs
I'm taking 5 slots at a time this time around, and by filling out a form you're being put on a waitlist. Once a slot is cleared, I'll pick another person and contact them; you aren't required to go through with a commission if you're no longer interested, but please let me know if this is the case.

If we're friends you're welcome to fill out a form for a closed commission type, but I will not be doing any scenes currently!
I will also not draw any anthros currently, excluding possibly experimental commissions or icons